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LINX HUB – portable WIFI Hotspot

LINX HUB – portable WIFI Hotspot

Linx Hub is a rugged portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can easily be set up in any location, environment or terrain. Designed with mobility in mind, the unit’s numerous features can vastly improve connectivity in a wide range of situations.

User-friendly interface

Linx Hub benefits from a simple touch screen interface and one button deployment. Users can access various functions including network control, cellular settings and lighting from each dedicated user page – supporting ease of use.

Key Benefits

  • One button deployment – supporting ease of use
  • Dual SIM – for enhanced cellular roaming
  • Wi-Fi – connect authenticated devices to corporate radius server
  • Built in GPS – for improved location tracking and monitoring
  • Touch screen interface – displaying network control, cellular settings and lighting
  • Lighting – range of lighting presets for alerts and enhanced visability
  • Durable outer casing – for high pressured environments
  • Long life battery – approximately 8 hours
  • LAN and WAN ethernet ports – for fast and flexible data transfer
  • Flexible charging options – including 12VDX and 240VAC

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The development of Linx Hub originated from our work with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MWWFRS), as part of the response to the T20 Digital Transformation Programme.

Excelerate’s Linx Hub solution is currently supporting a wide range of applications